no!no! Hair

No hair No pain, Guaranteed!

- Guaranteed pain free effective hair removal
- Works on both men and women
- Completely safe
- Clinically proven to reduce hair regrowth by up to 64%
- Works on both light and dark skin and all hair colours including blonde and grey
- Should be used 2-3 times per week for 6-8 weeks for best results and thereafter as and when required

no!no! product matrix

The no!no! hair promise is simple:

no hair ∙ no pain ∙ no noise ∙ no ingrown hair ∙ no pulling ∙ no plucking ∙ no nicks ∙ no cuts ∙ no mess ∙ no stress

offers a solution to unwanted hair, answering the ever-growing demand for professional, pain-free hair removal that can be performed in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Clinically proven hair reduction by up to 64%

Clinical studies have shown that hair regrowth is visibly reduced by up to 64% over 6 to 12 weeks of using no!no! twice a week. no!no! is a treatment process so over time, less and less hair reappears. It is really important to understand that you must use it at least twice a week, as the Thermicon effect only works at a very particular phase in the hair growth cycle. no!no! takes patience and dedication - but the long term results are truly worth it! Results won't happen overnight but they will happen!

Completely safe and effective for all skin types and hair colours

Like laser and IPL treatments, ThermiconTM technology allows disruption of the hair growth cycle. However unlike lasers and IPLs, the no!no! does not use light at all. This makes it universally safe and effective for EVERYONE - no matter the skin type or hair color, including blonde and grey hair! It can even be used on men's course hair!

The science of long term, pain free hair removal

With the use of patented ThermiconTM technology, the no!no! conducts heat down the hair shaft and into the follicle. The heat then gradually disrupts the hair growth cycle inhibiting future hair growth. Thermicon is a heat based technology that works in two ways to both remove hair and reduce hair growth. As you glide no!no! over the skin, no!no!'s patented hot blades painlessly melt hair away from the surface. Simultaneously, the thermodynamic hot blade wire transmits a painless pulse of heat right down the hair shaft to the root. The repetition of this heat attacks the line of communication between the root and the bulb, gradually disrupting the hair growth cycle in a similar way to IPL or Laser. This results in a visible reduction in the appearance of new hair growth. It's simple, it's completely painless and the results get better and better over time.
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