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Thermicon TipsTM will need to be changed when:
  • The signal light turns red
  • You notice that your no!no! is no longer working efficiently
  • The thermodynamic wire is bent
  • The thermodynamic wire is severed
The thermodynamic tips should last approximately 2-3 hours of real-time use. This time period can be affected by factors including type of hair and frequency of use. Proper maintenance will extend the life of the Thermicon Tips.

Buffing is an essential part of the no!no! treatment. After you finish each section with your no!no! Hair, use the Buffer to exfoliate your skin and remove treated hair to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

no!no! Smooth

When you have finished buffing, moisturize your skin with no!no! Smooth™ or another non-astringent cream. Click here for more information on the no!no! Smooth.
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